Top things that you should look for in an ERP

1. Simple to Start – You should be able to start using the ERP in a few days. The setup should not take months together.

2. Easy to Use – The ERP should be intuitive and should not require elaborate training. Users should be able to start using it with just one or two sessions of training.

3. 360° View of Your Data – You should be able to slice and dice your data on multiple dimensions with full drill down capabilities. The vendor should not provide different report for different views of data, which ultimately leads to more cost.

4. Change with Ease – The ERP should have the capability to be customized easily. The customization should preferably be done on the fly and it should not affect product upgrade.

5. Integrated – All modules should be integrated there by avoiding duplicate data entry across departments.

6. Affordable – The ERP should not be over priced. It should be available on a pay by use model and a one time purchase. The pay by use model avoids blocking of capital.

7. On cloud – It should be available on cloud too. Users can choose to use on cloud if required and save on investments in server and other equipment.

8. Mobile – Users should be able to use it from their mobile also.

9. Secure – It should be secure with a good control on who can do what. Unauthorized access should be effectively blocked by the system. Data security is of prime importance.10. Good after sales support – Vendors should have 24×7 perfect support system in place.


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