Top things that you should look for in an ERP

1. Simple to Start: You should be able to start using the ERP in a few days. The setup should not take months.

2. Easy to Use: The ERP should be intuitive and should not require elaborate training. Users should be able to start using it with just one or two sessions of training.

3. 360° View of Your Data: You should be able to slice and dice your data on multiple dimensions with full drill-down capabilities. The vendor should not provide different reports for different views of data, which ultimately leads to more cost.

4. Change with Ease: The ERP should have the capability to be customized easily. The customization should preferably be done on the fly and should not affect product upgrades.

5. Integrated: All modules should be integrated, thereby avoiding duplicate data entry across departments.

6. Affordable: The ERP should not be overpriced. It should be available on a pay-by-use model and as a one-time purchase. The pay-by-use model avoids the blocking of capital.

7. On the cloud: It should be available on the cloud too. Users can choose to use the cloud if required and save on investments in servers and other equipment.

8. Mobile: Users should be able to use it from their mobile devices as well.

9. Secure – It should be secure with good control over who can do what. Unauthorized access should be effectively blocked by the system. Data security is of prime importance.10. Good after-sales support – Vendors should have a 24×7 perfect support system in place.


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