The Agile Team

"A Crowd Of Trendsetters"

The Agile team comprises of talented minds with years of expertise in their domains. They are adept at crafting innovative solutions that extend the reach and applicability of Axpert with each new client.

Get to know our passionate team of professionals who form the face of Agile Labs.

Application Development 99%
ETL 80%
ERP 90%
Reporting 85%
CRM 90%

At Agile Labs, we believe Culture drives Business. Therefore, we take pride in our work culture and provide a challenging work environment to our workforce. This empowers them to solve business challenges for our customers and succeed consistently.

We believe, learning is a continuous process and not just as an individual; which makes us grow as a team.

When we take care of our team, our team takes care of our business. This culture has evolved over the last 20 years.

If you’re the kind, looking to work with a passionate team in a challenging environment, your quest for a satisfying professional experience ends here. This is the place to be.

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People behind Agile Labs

Sabarish Santhanam

CTO/Director Agile Labs Pvt Ltd

A Connoisseur in creating, implementing, and selling software products, he is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience and is the founder of Agile Labs. The core technology platform used by Agile Labs, branded as Axpert™, was envisaged and developed by him. From Desktops to Web and Cloud, Sabarish has administered the evolution firsthand.

Vishwanatha HV 

Business Head – ERP

Vishwanatha has an admirable experience in Enterprise Resource Planning and heads our ERP delivery. He is an Engineering graduate in Computer Science. He is a seasoned Techno-Commercial Leader with over two decades of expertise in Architecting, Building, and Deploying mission-critical programmes. Trading, Distribution, Manufacturing, Services, and Finance are amongst his areas of expertise. He established Axpert as a successful software in the African continent


Business Head – E-government

Bijaya is in charge of the E-government vertical. She has a Master’s Degree in Sales and Marketing and has worked in the Sales and Marketing industry for over ten years. She formed and manages Agile’s government practise. She is a strong leader because of her passion and devotion. She ensures that customers get good value for their money by motivating her team to offer excellent service and deliver consumer expectations wisely. She specialises in E-Government and is familiar with the entire process of doing business with governments, from Axpert procurement to managing user expectations and project completion.


Business Head – Defence

Vaidheesh is Agile Labs’ Business Head. He is in charge of the Defence vertical. He has over 25 years of experience developing end-to-end software solutions for challenging circumstances. He has experience in Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, Finance, Maintenance, and Inventory Management. He is a remarkable leader in the corporate software industry because of his database experience and exposure to a wide range of challenging business needs.

Ganga Unni

Product Manager – Web, Mobile Team

Unni is a Senior Technical Product Manager and Lead. He works on the Axpert core and leads the Web and Mobile team to deliver the Axpert’s standard presentation layer. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. He has more than 25 years of expertise in Core development, various Web Servers, Databases, Tools, various Design Patterns, Object Oriented Programming & Microservices Architecture. He is seasoned techie who manages the Axpert Kernel, Web & REST services

Dhurgavathi N

Product Manager – Axpert core and related Tools

Dhurga is a Product Manager and one of the developers responsible for the Axpert core and Axpert-related tools. She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. She has almost two decades of programming expertise as a Full Stack Developer. She is a skilled techie who understands Object-Oriented Design and Development, Microservices Architecture, and the Axpert Kernel.

Jeyram S R

Product Manager – Applications & Enterprise solutions

Jeyram is an Agile Labs, Applications Solution Architect with over two decades of expertise creating and delivering enterprise solutions. He has a Master’s Degree in Physics under his belt. He has worked on end-to-end ERP, Supply chains, E-government, and Human Services Solutions for more than 50 Multinational Companies. His subject expertise, paired with his extensive database understanding, enables him to provide his customers with the most appropriate software.

Senthil Nathan S

Product Lead – Application Solutions

Senthil is an Application Solution Architect at Agile with 12+ years of experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering. He has delivered solutions across Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, E-govt & Banking. He has extensive database experience and develops and delivers Online and Mobile Applications, both On-Premise and in the Cloud. He is a key architect at Agile because of his knowledge across a diverse spectrum

Pandi Marckandan

Product Lead – Application Solutions

Pandi is a skilled Agile Application Architect with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and over a decade of expertise. He has built products and solutions in various domains, including process Manufacturing, Services, Sales & Distribution, Inventory & POS. He is a crucial resource at Agile because of his understanding of a wide range of technologies.

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