Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common issues that have occurred with Axpert. 

The web references in Web.Config related to ASB*.Dll were pointing to localhost. These references need to be changed to appropriate site name along with HTTPS

  1. Compare the exe date on site with the exe date in Release folder of that version. If release folder is later, download and replace the exe.
  2. In case of Axpert 9x, if it is used to enter data in any language other than English then, set the “Current System Locale” to the required language in the regional settings of that PC.

if we are activating in server make sure we will activate as - licensekey/s Version: 9X

This issue is because of an third-party dll being downgraded and will only affect while upgrading from 10.5 to higher version and should not trouble with fresh installation.
take the below mentioned dll and place it in your ''axpertweb->bin'' folder


If you have an issue that is not listed here, please feel free to visit our developers’ forum and post a question. We will respond promptly.