Complete ERP Software that Simplifies Complex Business Functionalities

Axpert offers a well-strategized ERP solution that eliminates all of your Data Management worries. Automate processes and workflows with Agile ERP software

What can Agile ERP Do?

Inventory Management

Financial Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Compliance Monitoring

Customization and Integration Capabilities

Intelligent Data Analysis

Automated Reporting

Project Management

IT Optimization

Business Intelligence


Security & Compliance For All Your Markets

Our ERP system’s modules have tremendous versatility in every business sector. Be Audit-ready with Agile ERP for your specific industry needs with personalized add-ons.

Simplified workflow
Save on Operational Costs
Efficiency & Accuracy
Data consistency & reliability
Accelerated growth
Mobility & Scalability
Unified Interface
Integrated data repository

Missing a key business functionality in your existing ERP?

Extend it with Axpert. It is cost-effective & ensures smooth operational process.


Designed for the modern enterprise workflow

Use Axpert to build and update your marketing reports automatically. Users can get personalized client marketing reports without effort

Software solution to improve the efficiency of routine business procedures.

All key business management elements are incorporated in advance

Large-scale data imports and exports can be performed without the usual limitations of MS Excel and CSV.

Recall the history of financial transactions, work events, product development stages, and/or financial ledger entries instantly with the date and time stamps

Increase your return on assets with Agile ERP.

  1. Make informed decisions in asset management
  2. Reduce costs and risks

  3. Reduce total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  4. Increase uptime and improve predictability

By automating the transaction process and tracking critical sales data, Axpert streamlines the retail operation. Price precision, inventory fluctuations, gross revenues, currency conversion, and sales patterns can be regularly tracked

The process that we follow are quiet unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.


For past 13 years we run best business practices through Axpert ERP

Vijayanand Arunachalam
Managing Director

I feel empowered with Axpert. I do not have to depend on anyone to manage or change my ERP

IT Head

The process that we follow are quiet unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.


We replace inhouse ERP development with Axpert and enjoying the customization which is inevitable in our industry

Sakthi Prabhu .S.S.
Managing Director

If you are looking for a ERP solution for the Pharmaceutical industry, you should definitely try Agile Labs’ solution and technical updates are also available, you should definitely try

Prince Farma