Deliver personalized health care with low code no code Platform

Efficient healthcare management is our forte. With low code no code Platform , you can develop custom applications to monitor patient lifecycle at all points of treatment across multiple departments.


cut back on overhead expenses & prioritize patient care

Our sophisticated Health Information Platform (HIP) helps you do more for your patients by reducing your costs. HIP’s single-window feature optimizes workflows, provides insightful health data, and enhances employee-patient engagement.
Enhanced Data accuracy
Flawless UI design
Integrate Medical Records Seamlessly
Integrated Finance and Supply Chain Modules
Reduction of Human Error
Mobile Interface
Status updates on mobile devices
Reduced turn around time for labs
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Accelerate clinical workflow with our RAD Platform

Quick turnaround time for reports with easy appointment bookings, and payments

Monitor employee efficiency with easy timesheet management modules

Smooth payroll & finance management to increase employee engagement and improve HR workflow.

Schedule and track patient appointments with digital health records.

Store & retrieve patient data, lab results, and patient history with the click of a button

Access your data from anywhere with cloud storage. Enjoy complete data security with scheduled backups.

In-built Modules Designed for Healthcare


• Investigations & Result templates
• Service orders, Specimen collection & Results capturing / view

Ward Management

• Single page dashboard
• Nursing Activities (Bed management, Service Orders, Discharge intimation, etc.)
• OT Management

Front Office

• OP Registration & Visit Management
• Doctor Schedule & Appointment Management
• IP Admission & Bed Management

Procurement and Inventory

• Purchase Requisitions, Purchase order, GRN, Bill booking
• Inventory management – Stock receipts, Issues, Transfers & Stock reconciliation

Billing & Claims

• Price Conditions
• Service Billing, Pharmacy Billing, Receipts, Bill Adjustments
• Pre-authorization, Claim Generation
• Tracking of both patient & corporate receivables

MIS & Dashboard Reporting

• Role / Department specific dashboards
• Customizable alerts to decision-makers

Financial Accounting

• General Ledger
• Accounts receivable
• Accounts payable
• Final Statements