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According to Gartner, By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

What is low code?

Low Code Technology is a revolutionary platform empowering both professional and citizen developers create complex programming applications without excessive techy toil. It employs a visual approach and simple logic to develop, that enables developers to build and deploy applications in a fast-paced manner.

As opposed to the traditional methods of app development, a low code framework offers a programming environment devoid of hand-coding each module. This reduces manual errors & increases the ability to integrate core workflow functionalities into the apps, best-fit for your organization.

Low code = fewer errors + fewer bugs + lesser cost of development

How Does Axpert work?

Implement Low Code Software Solutions through cutting-edge technology like Axpert.

Why Do I Need Axpert?

To increase efficiency and productivity and satisfy growing market demands

When should I Get Axpert?

When a company’s manufacturing output is found to be inefficient. When an organization’s legacy system no longer supports the growth of the company.

Where Can Axpert Help?

Low Code Technology can benefit any industry where processes and workflows can be automated to improve production efficiency and quality of output.

Graphical User Interface

Visual modeling tools allow for quick software development without the hassle of painful coding at each level. Powered with built-in components, even non-skilled developers can easily create an app concept from scratch

Easy Configuration

Customizable modules for every domain serving the core functionality of each department within the sector. Pre-designed modules can be used across multiple sections to develop different solutions rapidly

Extensible Integration

Each solution can be integrated seamlessly with any legacy software enabling cross-platform accessibility

Drag-and-Drop features

Convenient drag-drop wizard interface makes for the most useful feature for add-ins, enabling an easy development process

Multi-device Compatibility

Run the applications on many devices at once, with multiple OS capability


Expanding software that grows alongside the organization. Low code software can withstand concurrent users that reduce hits on a database server


No matter how easy it is to build applications, the user-friendly tool must offer protections & security for the data and the apps you build.


Efficient tracking & monitoring of workflows and processes; Useful analytical reports of data and app performance are a major part of Low code tech

Smooth Operations

Debugging, testing, creating new versions, or reverting to old ones… are simplified with one-click deployment in low code software.