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At Kauvery Group of Hospitals, we constantly innovate using new technology stacks to enhance service levels and improve patient safety. This kind of a dynamic tech adoption needed a strong core hospital management system that is strong, scalable, secure, fast and interoperable. This led us to low code application platforms as early as year 2017. We built our complete HMS using low code application platform – Axpert from Agile Labs. Now, we have a flexible and strong HMS that manage our operations across all our locations with strong change management capabilities and works adjacent to SAP. Now, we have started our digital journey by plugging in a lot of new technologies that seamlessly works with our core HMS.
Dr. Manivannan
MD - Kauvery Group of Hospitals

Using Axpert’s attendance & payroll module has been a great experience for me. It is such a user-friendly tool that has saved me so much time and allows me to have precision on flawless attendance management of our staffs that works on various shifts. The tool also perfectly integrates well with payroll management of staffs and bio metric machines in various locations. Given the convenience of its global translator option, preparation of information system and daily reporting goes very simple to manage. I actually enjoy using it!
IT head - Marsavco

We were looking for a solution that could connect and help us manage our branches located at various cities across DR Congo. Agile Labs’ Axpert – TradePlus has made our business streamlined and efficient. We opted for distributed database management where branches are loosely coupled at the same time have centralized control over the data across the branches & shops. We now have clear visibility regarding our importation, distribution, Finance, warehouses, stores & inventory. With TradePlus, we have become agile
Sahas N Ullur
IT Manager - Beltexco SARL

Throughout all the projects undertaken, we have found Agile labs to be proactive and co-operative toward their planning and execution, delivering our requirements on schedule, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. we would not hesitate to recommend their services to others with similar needs.
Raghunathji S

We are finding more and more use for AXPERT Platform every day. We also amazed at how powerful the AXPERT engine to build a application and maintain change managements. We saved lot of time and money. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to do the right thing in regards to AXPERT licensing
Uniworld Logistics Pvt Ltd

If you are looking for a ERP solution for the Pharmaceutical industry, you should definitely try Agile Labs’ solution and technical updates are also available, you should definitely try
Prince Farma

Axpert is a Good Software and easy to use for everyone. The design and all features are so good and they provide good support. We recommend the use of Axpert Software for other clients also
Macurex Sensors Pvt Ltd​

We approached Infoway with a unique process of our digital transformation challenge that our organization facing. The speed of development and change management with Axpert is tremendous. With Axpert we take less than a few hours to complete a task that used to take many days. We use SAP as our core ERP. The gaps in processes were built on Axpert and seamlessly integrated into SAP. The expert team from Axpert Services and Support provided in-depth Process study and helped us through critical phases of our digital transformation. We feel confident that we can create an intelligent process with Axpert Modules Execution.
AlTurki Enterprises LLC | Parag Sinkar
General Manger - Information Technology

We are in the Oil and Gas Sector. After having reviewed various vendors and their solutions we choose Axpert. They took a great deal of time to understand each and every step of our process and custom prepared a software solution uniquely for our organization and delivered the complete package. We have been using the software for over years now and are amazed with its simplicity and its power in handling our complete operations seamlessly. We are very happy with Axpert and the support provided by its partner.
Ravi Siddegowda
Head of Information Technology

We realized that a robust digital strategy is a key to success in our business. We partnered Pentagon I Runway, brought a lot of new technologies and solutions to our organization. One of them was Axpert – a robust and great low code application platform. We have now automated all our business processes on Axpert with support from Pentagon I Runway
Nalin Anthony
Chief Executive Officer

Axpert helped us to automate major business processes in our organization and achieve operational efficiency, cost control and quality improvement. Axpert development platform helps in rapid application development with low code or no code, easy deployment and maintenance. The application is developed and maintained by our internal IT team. We have been using the platform for more than a decade and are happy
Manchukonda Prakasham
Managing Director

Agile Labs is one of our premium technology partners. We find Axpert to be a great low code development platform. We are able to provide ERP and custom software that fits our customer needs by more than 95% using Axpert. We have now started building our product offerings on Axpert. The best thing about Axpert is that we are able to offer solutions across domains. The Agile team is a great team to work with
Mahendiran S
Chief Operating Officer

The Agile Labs’ Solution is solid, secure, robust, and reliable. It is amenable to integration with other software systems. Their ability and willingness to integrate systems developed by other developers confirm the versatile nature of their system and profusely speaks volumes about their confidence in their technology.
N Sivasailam, IAS
Managing Director, KSBCL

We have been running software apps on Axpert for last 3+ years. We found it to suit our needs and also grow along with us
ABS | Johnson | Marketing Head

Axpert has excellent user interface with good features and excellent technical support. We would like to recommend Axpert to other enterprises also. Overall performance is excellent. We wish them to perform continuously like this​
Prodimpex S.A

We replace inhouse ERP development with Axpert and enjoying the customization which is inevitable in our industry
Sakthi Prabhu .S.S.
Managing Director

Our Top line is driven by Agile-Labs and our Bottom line is powered by Axpert
Managing Partner

The process that we follow are quite unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.

I feel empowered with Axpert. I do not have to depend on anyone to manage or change my ERP
Beltexco| IT Head

With Axpert we develop powerful insight reports to run efficient business
M.Muthu Kumar
Managing Director

Highly Satisfied with Axpert as our Control over business gets better day by day
Siva Kumar
Managing Director

For past 13 years we run best business practices through Axpert ERP
Vijayanand Arunachalam
Managing Director

The process that we follow are quite unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.

The speed of development and change management in Axpert is tremendous. With Axpert we take less than a few hours to complete a task that used to take many days
V.S. Senthil Kumar
Sr. General Manager - IT

We love the interface, the experience, and most importantly the results

The speed of development, change management, its disconnected computing capabilities make Axpert a compelling choice
Sahas | MD
Axpert DRC (Partner)

The solutions offered on Axpert and the people supporting it are very reliable.
Finance Manager