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low code no code Platform Can transform your tea manufacturing Workflow

Low code No Code Platform has changed the landscape of the manufacturing industry. Adding automation to various processes in tea manufacturing translates to optimizing resources while maintaining the quality of your output.
what you get

A Single application that connects your business end to end.

Ease coordination of activities and processes across your tea manufacturing business from a central point with our complete end-to-end ERP software.

Centralized System for all operations and finance
Enhanced inventory visibility
Warehouse & Transportation Management tools
Single-source supply & demand information
Global workforce empowerment
Simplify multiple location process management
Detailed forecasting with real-time sales data
Unified master schedule for material planning
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  • Are you concerned about the integrity of your business data?
  • Do you need improved reporting?
  • Does your business have disconnected systems that do not communicate with each other?
  • What do you do when your customer satisfaction declines due to inefficient back-office operations?
  • Do you think upgrading your company’s current system will cost a fortune?

Axpert ERP has the answers to all your questions.


Integrated ERP system for micro and macro levels

Reducing the required number of resources without sacrificing quality and performance is key to effectively improving manufacturing growth and profitability. With Axpert, you get the ability to manage critical aspects of everything from production to the sales floor.


Enhanced Inventory Management

INvoicing & billing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

material requirement planning

integration with plant floor machinery

advanced planning and scheduling

automated data collection

master production scheduling

mobile access to data

quality assurance


Beltexco – SARL

We were looking for a solution that could connect and help us manage our branches located at various cities across DR Congo. Agile Labs’ Axpert – TradePlus has made our business streamlined and efficient. We opted for distributed database management where branches are loosely coupled at the same time have centralized control over the data across the branches & shops. We now have clear visibility regarding our importation, distribution, Finance, warehouses, stores & inventory. With TradePlus, we have become agile

IT Head

Uniworld Logistics Pvt Ltd

We are finding more and more use for AXPERT Platform every day. We also amazed at how powerful the AXPERT engine to build a application and maintain change managements. We saved lot of time and money. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to do the right thing in regards to AXPERT licensing

Uniworld Logistics Pvt Ltd

AlTurki Enterprises LLC

We approached Infoway with a unique process of our digital transformation challenge that our organization facing. The speed of development and change management with Axpert is tremendous. With Axpert we take less than a few hours to complete a task that used to take many days. We use SAP as our core ERP. The gaps in processes were built on Axpert and seamlessly integrated into SAP. The expert team from Axpert Services and Support provided in-depth Process study and helped us through critical phases of our digital transformation. We feel confident that we can create an intelligent process with Axpert Modules Execution.

Parag Sinkar
AlTurki Enterprises LLC | GM - IT

Pentagon I Runway

We realized that a robust digital strategy is a key to success in our business. We partnered Pentagon I Runway, brought a lot of new technologies and solutions to our organization. One of them was Axpert a robust and great low code application platform. We have now automated all our business processes on Axpert with support from Pentagon I Runway

Nalin Anthony
Chief Executive Officer

Special Technical Services

We are in the Oil and Gas Sector. After having reviewed various vendors and their solutions we choose Axpert. They took a great deal of time to understand each and every step of our process and custom prepared a software solution uniquely for our organization and delivered the complete package. We have been using the software for over years now and are amazed with its simplicity and its power in handling our complete operations seamlessly. We are very happy with Axpert and the support provided by its partner.

Ravi Siddegowda
Head of Information Technology

ABS | Johnson

We have been running software apps on Axpert for last 3+ years. We found it to suit our needs and also grow along with us

Marketing Head
ABS | Johnson

Prodimpex S.A

Axpert has excellent user interface with good features and excellent technical support. We would like to recommend expert to other enterprises also. Overall performance is excellent. We wish them to perform continuously like this​

Prodimpex S.A

Highly Satisfied with Axpert as our Control over business gets better day by day

Siva Kumar
Managing Director