Looking for ways to increase efficiency in your production line?

Where global demands are evolving at lightning speeds, it is necessary for the manufacturing industries to be technology-capable, adapt and shift their processes to meet those needs. Prepare to take longer strides towards achieving balance in your supply and demand. Talk to us to find out how Axpert fits into your schema

Bees manufacturing honey

Make your system change-capable

To flourish in multiple markets, you need rapid product iteration, avoid bottlenecks, single dashboard monitoring and flawless communication among processes. With Axpert, you can do all this and at lower costs.

Automated production-lines

🗸 Minimize redundancy to increase efficiency
🗸 Reduce down-time and errors
🗸 Improved supply chain, warehouse, transportation, and inventory management

Enhanced productivity

🗸 Accelerated product launches
🗸 Rapid movement from design to floor
🗸 Improved communication and monitoring

Centralized Operations

🗸 Unify departments & compare metrics across the business
🗸Eliminate the need for multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another
🗸 Enhanced visibility and communications

Real-time data reporting

🗸 Access your operations quickly
🗸 Better data sharing among apps
🗸 Swift decision-making


Upgrade to advanced automation without programming

  • Workflow driven approach – eliminate deviation from set process
  • Much better prioritisation of tasks
  • Low implementation time – Go live in few weeks
  • Significant business growth in profit without any additional investment
  • Eliminate human error and wastage.
  • Improved order fulfilment, hence increase in sales by up to 10%.
  • Ensures on-time delivery Reduction in operational expenses
  • With built in Workflow engine, User Access controls, Triggers and Alerts, Axpert eliminates deviations from set processes.
  • Axpert enables real-time information backed decision making and eliminate operational inefficiency.
  • You need just SQL skills to develop any application on Axpert.
  • It’s a low coding platform and thus you will not have to endure the pain of writing lengthy codes.
  • It’s refined and developer friendly.
  • Build new apps and connect with your current apps. Easy to Integrate with other ERPs
  • Implement your process as is. No need to change your process to fit the software using the change management console
  • Intelligent Search Option – Search for any record using any relevant keyword to access data & menu options in your ERP.
  • No training required to start using.
  • Multi branch/Multi Location and Multi Currency enabled, Single page Interface,
  • Exhaustive report generation capability
  • Tracking and Visibility
  • User friendly User Interface (UI)
  • Build applications with top-notch security and dexterity
  • Mitigate risk and increase confidence around compliance