Build your own app for workforce management

With Axpert, you no longer have to outsource your payroll and other facility management services. Build it yourself and customize it to your needs.

Firms that manage airports, manufacturing plants, IT, Banks & large corporations across multiple client locations and sites automate their processes on Axpert. 


multi-country, multi-currency and multi-lingual Payroll & HCM solutions

We offer cloud-based solutions with built-in and updated modules. Develop open-ended configurable applications with client-specific calculation logic.

Easy Platform Integration

Email servers, SMS & Payment gateways, and a standard CMS.

Flexible database Management

Easy to track changes, manage forms, search transaction records with automatic database creation

Great for Your ROI

Having an in-house payroll and management system, you can reduce costs in innovation and focus on growth.


Apps have built-in, updated, country-specific legislation and compliance.


Designed to Simplify People Management

A complete control on the CSS and presentation layer of the app.  Simple UI makes for easy operability for users

With multiple deployment options, publish on-premise (Desktop, Web) or on-cloud.

Implement Human Capital Management suite without the help of third-party vendors. Build new modules on your own. All you need is domain knowledge & a SQL developer.

Customizable interface as per your company’s requirements. Get MIS reports and optimized dashboards at lightning speeds.

Axpert Capabilities For Payroll

Open ended configurable application
Configurable pay structure for client specific calculation logic

Capable of accepting full data feed or delta data feed

Configurable Statutory parameters

Self services access through web/mobile with responsive design

Configurable country statutory rules

Capable of configuring any input and output file format

Country or client specific validation plugin

Access to your payroll 24/7

Powerful and easy to use, on-time and accurate payroll processing

The process that we follow are quiet unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.


For past 13 years we run best business practices through Axpert ERP

Vijayanand Arunachalam
Managing Director

I feel empowered with Axpert. I do not have to depend on anyone to manage or change my ERP

IT Head

The process that we follow are quiet unique. Standard ERP could cater only up to 60%. But, Axpert more than 95% of our processes are automated.


We replace inhouse ERP development with Axpert and enjoying the customization which is inevitable in our industry

Sakthi Prabhu .S.S.
Managing Director

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Prince Farma