Be In Control with fully automated logistics

Scale faster and respond to modern-day challenges. Get in the driver seat with complete control over costing, instant profit analysis, invoice tracking, credit control, single-screen view of workflow, and single point master client creation, to name a few.



A single dashboard to monitor your complete workflow

Improved shipment tracking Across the Globe
Enhanced System Alerts & Error Monitoring
Automatic creation of jobs, on-time manifestation, and invoices
Efficient Costing Algorithm with instant profitability analysis.
Standard Document Templates with quick customizations
Real-time data Integration with 3rd party apps
Generate critical alerts with event-based triggers
Automated generation of shipping documents


In-built modules enable rapid transformations.

Focus on improving profitability, operational efficiency, high-quality customer service, and providing real-time visibility for your end-users.

  • General ledger,
  • Account Receivable,
  • Accounts Payable,
  • Bank reconciliation modules across all branches
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  •  Contact management
  •  Activity management
  •  Account management
  • 360-degree view of customers
  • Unified payroll management, including automatic payments
  • Shipment Order
    • Follow up,
    • Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill
  • Pre-Alert
    • Qualify Shipments,
    • Advance CAN,
    • CAN/Invoice,
    • Delivery Order
  • Shipment Order,
    • Shipment Order: Follow up,
    • Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill,
    • Container Allocation
  • Pre-Alert,
  • Qualify Shipments,
  • House Container Detail,
  • Advance CAN,
  • CAN/Invoice,
  • Delivery Order
  • Sales Invoice,
  • Sales Reversal,
  • Cost Invoice,
  • Cost Reversal,
  • Debit or Credit Note
  • Profit Share
  • Job Tracking,
  • Job Card