Be In Control with fully automated logistics

Scale faster and respond to modern day challenges. Get in the driver seat with full control over costing, instant profit analysis, invoice tracking, credit control, single-screen view of workflow and single point master client creation to name a few.


A single dashboard to monitor your complete workflow

Improve your technology implementation, business processes and customer service with a unified dashboard system.

Improved shipment tracking Across the Globe
Enhanced System Alerts & Error Monitoring
Automatic creation of jobs, on time manifestation and invoices
Efficient Costing Algorithm with instant profitability analysis.
Standardised and Quickly Customizable Document Templates
Seamless Integration with 3rd party apps with real-time data exchange
Generate critical alerts with event-based triggers
Automated generation of shipping documents

In-built modules enable easy transformations

Focus on improving profitability, operational efficiency, high quality customer service and providing real-time visibility for your end-users.

  • General ledger,
  • Account Receivable,
  • Accounts Payable,
  • Bank Reconciliation modules across all branches
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  •  Contact management
  •  Activity management
  •  Account management
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Unified payroll management including automatic payments
  • Shipment Order –
    • Follow up,
    • Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill
  • Pre-Alert,
    • Qualify Shipments,
    • Advance CAN,
    • CAN/Invoice,
    • Delivery Order
  • Shipment Order,
    • Shipment Order – Follow up,
    • Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill,
    • Container Allocation
  • Pre-Alert,
  • Qualify Shipments,
  • House Container Detail,
  • Advance CAN,
  • CAN/Invoice,
  • Delivery Order
  • Sales Invoice,
  • Sales Reversal,
  • Cost Invoice,
  • Cost Reversal,
  • Debit / Credit Note,
  • Profit Share
  • Job Tracking,
  • Job Card
  • Branch Wise Report,
    • Sales Person Wise Report,
    • Operations Efficiency,
    • Carrier Details,
    • Customer Wise Report,
    • Project Branch Wise Report,
    • Project Customer Wise Report,
    • Sector Development Report,
    • Customer Without Shipments,
    • All India Customer Statistics
  • Gross MIS Statistics,
    • Customer Wise Report,
    • Sales Person Report,
    • Exception MIS Report,
    • Top 20 Clients Summary,
    • Inter Branch MIS Statistics
  • Regulatory Compliance,
  • Classification,
  • Tariff Listing,
  • Auto Calculation of Duties and Taxes,
  • Daily Status Reports (DSR)