Huge volume of Data to synchronize, limited bandwidth.

The core activities of the Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd.(KSBCL) are to procure liquor and spirit from manufacturers/suppliers and sell the same to wholesalers/licensees. Thus data consolidation from the 53+ branches at the HO was an important and required task. Also daily corporate MIS / DSS had to be generated. Thus a system to manage their business processes covering these tasks apart from Finance, Sales & Distribution, Purchasing & Inventory modules was the need of the hour.

  • Key challenge was to provide a system which is easy to use due to the nonavailability of skilled operators & lack of tech skill at the branches.
  • No broadband connectivity at many of the branches, even the dial-up connections present were weak. Huge volume of data from all the branches had to be synchronized at the HO, with this infrastructure, on a daily basis. (1000+ transactions from each branch daily)
  • To deploy the complete solution in less than 3 months elapsed time.
  • PROFIT 5RM 6.2
  • P5 Sync Server/Client
  • Microsoft .Net Framework, ASP .Net, VB .Net, C#
  • Oracle 10g
  • Delphi
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Linux

Implemented the following modules:

Financial Accounting: 

  • Apart from Depot updating the central server this module at HO is also been used for making regular financial accounting entries like – Payment / Journals / Contra / Debit – Credit Note etc …

Vendor Payment

  • Calculates – Brand wise , Supplier Wise , Item Wise Sales Quantity
  • Picks the Purchase Rate based on Sales Date and Calculates the Purchase value supplier wise
  • Adjustment towards excise duties and other recoveries
  • Generates suppliers / Bank Wise Advice for transfer of Funds

Demurrage Calculation

  • Calculates – Age of Stock more than 90 days
  • Applies Demurrage rate per case item wise , supplier wise where ever applicable


  • Basic Declared Price – Excise + Additional Excise Duty is calculated
  • Margin is added and KSBCL Purchase and selling Price is derived
  • MRP of Retailer Per Bottle is Calculated o Purchase
  • Based on weekly payment module a detailed report of Purchase value is generated
  • Interface for entering Purchase Voucher


  • 3rd party generates the Order for Supply [ OFS ] and provides it to our database which is converted into actual data and sent through synchronization to respective depot
  • TON Interface is provided between depots
  • On approval the document is populated to both Send / Receive depots.


  • Generation of Sales Indent after confirming the availability of Items
  • Checklist for Loading [Materials]
  • Generation of Invoice – After validating the availability of Funds in Party Accounts and calculation of TCS [Tax Collected at Source]

Online information available to stakeholder

  • Excise, retailers, manufacturers, and government
  • Information highway opened to manufacturers

Basic & Consolidated view at HO of all depots

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Financial Accounting

Accurate & Online inventory information

Decision-support MIS on Supplies, stock movement and fund management

Issue OFS (order for supply) with digital signature over the web.