The Traffic Fine Collection under Bidhannagar Commissionerate is digitalized and the police personal is equipped with mobile devices using which citizens can pay fine using debit/credit cards and challans can be generated on the spot. It also has a Web Portal through which payment towards Seizure Challans can be made.

Axpert RAD platform is the backbone of this digitalization as the back-end System, APIs, Dashboards etc are built using Axpert RAD Platform. There are integrations with payment gateways such as BillDesk and HDFC Bank.

The system will generate SMS alert on paying the penalty. The details of the vehicle owner will b automatically picked from the VAHAN Database, the police officer just needs to search using the Vehicle Number and the Chassis Number.

The system will also store the history of traffic violations and helps the police in keeping a track on the repeat offenders. The data is easily accessible on the mobile device for the police and it makes law enforcement so much easier. Also, the public is at an advantage that the payment can be made easily using card and getting the challan immediately. The whole system of fine collection has become extremely transparent.

Police Services through Portal made possible using Axpert RAD platform

Digitization of police services seldom happens in our country and Bidhannagar Commissionerate would be among the few Commissionerate that offers digitalized service to the citizens. Such a system saves the citizens from the pain of physically visiting the Police Stations, waiting in queue for making payments and puts an end to the indefinite wait time to know the status of their applications. Also, for the police department, it has reduced the work load and the amount of paper work involved.

The solution developed using Axpert RAD platform is a workflow enabled system that enables the citizens file the applications online. At each stage of processing of the application by the department, SMS and email notifications will be send to the applicant. It also has dashboard and reporting capabilities which lets the higher authorities keep a track of pending applications and bottle necks. Citizens can register on the portal using their mobile numbers. Unique ID will be provided for each citizen registered. For Online payments, there is integration with BillDesk. Also, citizens can view the FIR registered through portal.

Services that are automated:


Sl No. Applications
1 New Arms Licenses for Companies
2 Renewal Arms Licenses for Companies
3 Application for Addition/Deletion of Retainer
4 Application for holding festivals(Mela)/ Ceremonies/ Meeting/ Procession/ Musical function/ Political procession/ Political meeting etc.


Sl No. Applications
1 Report Grievance
2 Lost item E-GD
3 Tenant Registration
4 Domestic Help / Baby Sitter Registration
5 Security Guard Registration
6 Registration of Milk Man
7 Senior Citizen
8 New Arms License for Individuals
9 Renewal Arms Licenses for Individuals
10 Application for Registration of Outside Licensing Authority (Arms)
11 Registration of Sarai
12 Registration Form for Paying Guest
13 Registration Form for Landlords
14 Renewal of Registration of Sarai

Prepaid Airport Taxi Booking Solution

Bidhannagar Police provides Airport Prepaid Taxi Booking through the portal. Also, the Taxis can be booked at the prepaid taxi counter at the airport. The system developed on Axpert RAD platform also has a Compliant Redressal, Driver Payment modules and Mobile app for Taxi booking.

At the Prepaid Counter, passengers can book the taxi by providing the destination. Payment can be made with cash or card. Two challans will be generated with QR code – one for the passenger and the other for the driver. After the trip, driver can scan the QR code at the counter and get payment.

If the Taxi is booked in advance through the portal, the passenger will get a message with a QR code. This QR code can be scanned at the taxi counted at the airport and avail the ride. The Mobile App can also be used for booking the taxi and payment can be made through the app.

The system also has a passenger complaint handling module. The cabs are tracked at the airport bay using RFID.