Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL)

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), A Joint Venture Of Government Of India And Government Of Karnataka Is A Special Purpose Vehicle Entrusted With The Responsibility Of Implementation Of Bangalore Metro Rail Project. Expected To Cover More Than 100 Kilometers Of Track Over The Next Few Years, BMRCL Is Anticipated To Go A Long Way In Helping Decongest This Fast-Growing City, The Hub Of India’s Multi-Billion-Dollar IT Business.

BMRCL Required A Completely Customized Application That Could Be Built Incrementally, Altered Quickly And Integrate New Processes With Ease. For A Greenfield Project Of This Scope, There Were Several Challenges That Had To Be Overcome Since Managing The Build-Up And Live Services On Commissioned Lines At The Same Time Can Be Very Tricky. BMRCL Searched Far And Wide For Viable And Affordable Software To Manage Its Complete Backend Processes. Metro Railway Is A Relatively New Phenomenon In India, With Only A Couple Of Completed Ones To Talk Of. There Were Not Many Successful Implementations Of IT In Indian Metro Railways. BMRCL Carried Out A Dispassionate Scrutiny Of The Scene Before Deciding To Go With Axpert™.

The Axpert ERP For BMRCL Was Built Incrementally To Allow Managers And End-Users Sufficient Time To Test The Systems And Generate Feedback For Improvements. In This Manner, The System Got Better With Every Addition Of Functionality. End-Users Opened Their Eyes To The Amazing Possibilities That Axpert™ Offered Them To Discover Hidden Processes And Fine-Tune Processes, With Seemingly No Limit. They Could Flag Issues And Experiment With New Processes Without Ever Worrying If The Software Could Cope. This Has Helped In Making A Success Of ERP Deployment In A Government-Like Setting, With Ordinary Skill Level Of End-Users And Virtually No IT Department Of Its Own.

The Axpert™ Advantage For BMRCL

Axpert™ Gave BMRCL The Freedom To Have Its Own Unique Processes, In Tune With The Skills Available With The Team And Local Work Preferences BMRCL could Save Money Compared To Any Packaged Software Alternative, Which Would Need Expensive Customization. Coding Platforms Would Not Have Given It The Kind Of Agility And Flexibility That Axpert™ Offered Axpert™ Gave BMRCL The Option To Extend The ERP Horizontally, With New Features & Functionality, Or Vertically, With Deeper Features
BMRCL Could Choose To Build Only As Much As It Wanted, When It Wanted – Instead Of Starting With A Heavy Application With A Number Of Unwanted Features. Users Got Exactly What They Wanted.

The ERP Integrates The Operations Of BMRCL Across Several Functional Areas:

  • Fleet Operations
  • Station Management
  • Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Property Development
  • Assets
  • Finance Management
  • Solution Delivered