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Minimizing Technical Involvement

Build Efficient Low Code applications to develop customized Enterprise-Grade Solutions. Employ visual interfaces & intuitive configuration that support both technical & citizen developers. Sign up for a demo with our team and explore growth possibilities for your business

Axpert For Every Use Case

A Disruptive Development Platform that Accelerates Business Growth Transition

Axpert Architechture
the platform

Axpert is a revolutionary RAD platform that uses Low Code – No Code Technology to build and develop complex web app solutions with no formal knowledge of programming languages.

The platform framework provides flexibility to modify forms, define workflows, and configure widgets and reports.

Users can develop apps just by defining the data structures and specifying business rules, as there is no code writing in the business & presentation layers.

Axpert simplifies Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), reducing complex processes. Build high-quality digital applications facilitating optimization and acceleration of enterprise functionalities

By using Axpert, save 50% of the time, cost and effort to build your app.

Built-in UI templates and AI connectors quicken system customization – a godsend to any software designer & developer.

Axpert is citizen-developer friendly, a motivation for non-developers to create versatile software that automates business processes and accelerates digital transformation.

With our US-patented platform, it is easier to create and deploy applications, tailor-made for your business needs and demands.

agile cloud

Native cloud capabilities for all your builds

Axpert can be hosted on cloud infrastructure and shared by many customers. This reduces the cost of development, setup, and maintenance. Install new features and update dynamic versions, hassle-free. Deliver top-notch solutions with easy management and integration.

Axpert Features

Deploy in A Single Click

  • Quick Application Development
  • Extensive Integration Capabilities
  • Reduced Bugs & Errors
  • Rapid Change Management
  • Element-level Security
  • Vendor Independence
  • Workflow Driven Business Process Management
  • No Extensive Coding
  • Deliver Productive Workforce
  • Accelerate Workflow Innovation
  • Data Centralization & Synchronization
  • Secure On-Cloud Compliance

Solutions Intuitively Digitalizing Workflow Innovations

Axpert supports native business intelligence & deployment of multilingual applications. With automatic creation of database tables, track changes made to data and bridge gaps effectively.

Reliability, Flexibility & Scalability
Automate your processes and make your workflows flexible & smooth.
Powerful Database Management
Supports MySQL, Oracle, Postgre, SQL Server
Effortless 3rd Party System Integration
SAP, homegrown ERP, GST Portal, Payment & SMS Gateways
Server Scalability
Supports any volume of data & users

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO! It is a myth that coding or programming is not relevant for low code systems. Low-code platforms give visual development tools to enable developers to collaborate and construct business-compatible apps quickly. The visual setup and templates cover common scenarios, enabling the technical staff to focus on application customization and speed up their development.

Low-code development allows development teams and business users to build efficient applications in less time than traditional coding. The team can worry less about the standard workflow handling, manual entries and work on innovative ideas.

It is essential to detect market trends or changing customer needs and to address them in this digital age. Software for improving processes and innovation should be effective enough. Without precedent, the low code ensures excellent productivity.

You can use Axpert to create high-performance applications. You don’t have to rely on developers or spend a great deal of time and money to create apps.

Yes, Axpert is interoperable. Axpert apps can be integrated with others through configurable inbuilt exchange servers.

Yes! We have a team to help you with the transition and support you with the configuration and navigation.

SMS can be sent from Axpert by integrating with an SMS server. There are ready-to-use documents available to implement these.

Axpert allows businesses to overcome common limitations which entails the purchase of company software and fulfilling particular needs. Departments can build, test, and use applications throughout the enterprise without relying on skilled developers and IT.

Axpert is domain neutral. Applications can be built for catering to any business process in any domain. This is because a process structure (the central piece in the application) is an extrapolation of table structures that can be used across domains.

Axpert has produced outcomes for a variety of applications across hundred plus customer sites. Some of the companies are very large, such as the government, Defence, and logistics. The method powered by the process structure has produced outcomes without any problems in the past many years.