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Design and build dynamic software virtually and securely on cloud infrastructure. Host Your Application on Agile Cloud for quick setup & easy maintenance

Flexibility like yoga

The Cloud Advantage

Move your legacy applications to Axpert. Create apps with our robust and modern low code platform for smooth user experience. Embed the latest tech innovations into your software apps like in-memory computing, push notifications, HTML5 & JQuery and many more.

Want to create apps super-fast? Just define data structures on Axpert. No extensive coding is required. With One-click deployment, escape from the long and painful code-fix cycles. The platform supports multi-server deployments with auto synchronization on windows desktop, web browsers & mobile devices.

Supply chains need robust low code platforms. Axpert excels in this and is already used by many. You can seamlessly integrate with your existing apps, rapidly create new solutions & add supply chain members on the go.

Axpert apps are available on mobile devices without any extra effort. You can now offer mobile apps to your suppliers, customers, employees and other supply chain members. These apps can plug-in to Axpert apps or your current ERP or operations application.

Because building time is reduced by half for software modifications and new application development. When compared to traditional software platforms, Axpert allows you more time to try something modern and focus on innovations in your process and business. 

Agile cloud lets you pay by use. No capex. No server worries. Freedom from infrastructure maintenance and upgradation pains. You only pay for the hours of usage and the storage utilized. Subscription model available for on-premise deployments too.

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Health Care

On premise deployment caters to large multi location hospitals encompassing all activities in a hospital ranging from patient registration, inpatient, outpatient, & lab integrating with all devices.
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Supply Chain

Axpert has successfully automated supply chains including multi-country logistics supply chains, retail chains in Africa, automobile dealer networks, large dental chain in North America, manufacturing facilities, liquor distribution & contract farming chains.
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Axpert provides single functioning interface that reduces operational and maintenance costs on cloud. It digitally automates the activities of HR, IFRS, GAAP Compliance, Inventory, Procurement, Tendering, Asset management, Budgeting, and Investments.
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Government & Defense

Enhanced functionality of project tracking of electronic courts, skill development for police, urban planning, water resource management, primary healthcare, Metro rail services, and disaster management.
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People Services

Catering to thousands of employees, Axpert’s platform-centric strategy simplifies facility management services of airports, manufacturing plants, IT majors, Banks & large corporations across multiple client locations and sites.
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Modern ERP

Agile Cloud offers modern ERP for start-ups and SMEs that is customizable and accessed completely on mobile. With Axpert, build an ERP that functionally streamlines enterprise operations.
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Many large manufacturing units that run SAP as their ERP have used Axpert as their low code platform to extend their functionality and modernize their apps. Textile manufacturing and export hubs have built their solutions on Axpert.
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Host your platform on Cloud and develop applications that yield high performance and comprehensive logistics management systems. Automate workflow processes like raising job cards, documentation for freight and tracking across nations.
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On-cloud development reduces cost outlay and hardware maintenance, increasing productivity and software functionality. Easy integration simplifies dynamic workflow process and caters to many legal entities within the same group.
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