Project Executed by Agile Labs wins Skoch Award 2017 for Smart Governance

Project Executed by Agile Labs wins Skoch Award 2017 for Smart Governance

Bangalore 09-Sep-2017:

The State of Rajasthan is one of the few states in India that harness the potential of Information Technology to the fullest for the benefit of the public. Almost all the government departments in Rajasthan are digitalized and the state is an epitome of Technology backed Smart Governance in India.

Agile Labs has been selected by State of Rajasthan for developing and deploying several mission critical projects which have direct impact on the functioning of the government mechanism in the state and also on the life of general public. The Axpert Rapid Application Development platform from Agile Labs has been used for developing some of the complex projects such as Revenue Court Management System, Chief Minister’s Office Information System and so on.

One such illustrious project,The State Rural Skill Development project has won the prestigious SKOCH Award 2017 for Smart Governance.State Rural Skill Development is a process of change by which the efforts of the people themselves are united with those of government authorities to improve their economic, social and cultural conditions. The application developed by Agile Labs enables Tracking of Student registration, Trainer and Training Institution Registration, Course and Curriculum Management, Exam Management and Placement Management. The application has about 3,00,000 as of now from all parts of the state.In a nutshell, the application enables the following:

  • Monitor multiple schemes through a chain of skill development centers across the state.
  • Online registration of new students, new faculty and training providers.
  • Measure and monitor faculty effectiveness (integrated with Biometric attendance)
  • Track students from registration to placement.
  • Mobile alerts to students & parents about events, marks, exams and attendance.
  • Multitude reports and on the fly report writers

We congratulate Department of IT of the State of Rajasthan for winning the prestigious SKOCH Award for the Smart Governance and we thank them wholeheartedly for selecting Agile Labs for developing and deploying the solution. We are proud to be part of this award-winning project that touches the lives of rural public.

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