There are numerous solutions already available in the market for Real Estate and Construction sector which may offer a lot of features but have still not solved one basic problem for the end-user, i.e. Collecting the data at the base in such a form that the management knows and understands the ground reality on the various projects they’ve invested.

Real Estate ERP is a completely integrated solution, which eliminates the need of using any other tool apart from the ERP. An easy to use ERP that can be easily implemented and integrated with IVR, websites, email and SMS services.

Real Estate ERP Features:

Key Modules


  • Auto Posting of Voucher entries from Other Modules
  • All Tax Filing Computations
  • Tax Master for easy configuration of new taxes and rules as and when they come
  • Multi-company accounting and consolidation
  • Preparation of Budgets
  • Tracking Actuals Vs. Budgets
  • Cash Flow Projections

Business Development

  • Create and manage Land Details
  • Land Agent and Payment details of Land Owner
  • Google map location for lands under consideration
  • Seamless integration with other departments w.r.t to Land purchase and project planning

Project Evaluation

  • Create project reports at the click of a button
  • Prepare in depth project financial models
  • Detailed product mix analysis


  • Complete legal proceedings management – case dates, case hearing and all relevant information to your case.
  • Manage and maintain info for your legal consultants and lawyers.
  • Manage all payments to concerned associates through a single window framework completely synched with your accounts module.
  • All relevant documents maintained and attached within a single module to ensure a complete paperless hassle free execution.

Planning & scheduling

  • Project Scheduling
  • Monitoring the projects with Activity Updates
  • Generating Actuals Vs Budget


  • Liaison with various department and ensure projects start and end on time with least paperwork worries
  • The liaison module helps in assisting the Liaison team to manage sanctions and approvals in an orderly manner while working with Govt. Agencies.
  • Liaison with separate govt agencies and manage communication effectively between officers at different levels within the organization as well as other agencies.
  • Assign tasks given and manage work efficiently between various employees.
  • Enter and track payment made to various agencies.
  • Create budgets and ensure payments and expenses are within the defined budgets.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain and manage stocks at all stock centres.
  • Manage material issues, indents et al.
  • Realtics ERP ensures complete integration(sync) between Indenting and purchase departments to ensure effecting vendor management and purchase operation.
  • Manage items for different categories between different stock points to ensure proper entry onto account books.


Complete Cycle from Requisition to Payments

  • Identification of Requirement.
  • Authorization of Purchase Request.
  • Final Approval of Purchase Request.
  • Complete vendor management.

Auto generated reports to ensure expenses remain within the defined budget, all payments made to vendors are efficiently tracked.

HR & Payroll

  • Recruitment Process Management.
  • Employee Database.
  • Attendance Management.
  • Employee Self Service Portal.
  • Fully Integrated to Payroll Module

Sales & CRM

  • Preparation of Projections for Sales & Collections.
  • Defining Pricing Strategy.
  • Enquiry to Sales Closure life cycle mapping.
  • Maintain Units Availability Status.
  • Maintaining the Customer Records.
  • Auto Generation of Receipts & Remainders against the defined Payment Schedules.
  • Customer Profile Database, Customer Follow-ups, Collection Tracking.
  • Email Templates: Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Payments, general bulk email to customers etc.
  • Customer Self Service Portal.
  • Interest Computations for advance or delay in payments.