ERP for Logistics

Logistics is a key sector that directly influences the economy and lives of the people. Being a technology leader, Agile Labs focuses on Logistics sector developing solutions that address challenges of the industry enabling Logistics Service Providers to Scale faster and Respond to modern day challenges. Axpert LogOps focuses on improving Profitability, Operational Efficiency, High Quality Customer Service and Providing Realtime Visibility to its users.


Axpert LogOps is an end to end solution that covers:

Air Freight management
Sea Freight management
Fleet Management
Warehouse Management
Customs Clearance
Order Management
Track and Trace
Invoicing and Job Costing
Workflow and Event Management
Finance & Accounting
Dashboard and MIS Reports
Task Management

Patented and Robust:

Axpert LogOps is built using US Patented RAD(Raid Application Development) Platform called Axpert, perhaps the only solution in the world for Logistics to be built using a patented technology. Axpert is a technology platform that caters to some of the world’s most complicated mission critical projects including defence.

Seamless Integration:

Axpert LogOps can be integrated seamlessly with any third-party application with ease and exchange data real-time. It can talk to any external system to provide you real-time tracking of containers, movements of Ocean liners and Receive booking information from agents from different part of the globe. Share data across systems without hassles.

Standardised and Quickly Customizable Document Templates:

On Axpert, you can Customize and Add document templates in a matter of few minutes. Moreover, you can do it all yourself. Any statutory changes will not cause havoc in your functioning.

Workflow Driven and Event Based Triggers:

Axpert LogOps comes with a built-in workflow engine that gives you complete control on every aspect of your business. You can define approval hierarchy and process sequences can be set which completely avoids deviations from set processes ensuring operational compliance within the organization.
Event Based triggers can be set to generate emails and SMS notifications on the occurrence of critical events or at scheduled time intervals.

Simplified shipping documentation:

Automated generation of shipping documents such as Airway bill, Master Bills of Lading, House Bills of Lading, Consignment Waybill, Cargo Arrival Notice, Delivery Order etc.

Vendor Independence:

Manage the application in house with a 2-member IT team without being dependent on us. You can add new screens, customize and further develop using a small team.

Key Highlights:

  • Improve your operational efficiency by 30%.
  • Eliminate human errors and losses arising through human errors.
  • Faster Reconciliations.
  • Easy Data Share and Integration with your branches/ agents/partners and service providers.
  • Improve your Profit Margin by 20%.
  • Standardised Document Templates
  • Automated Profit Share between branches
  • Multi-Currency Enabled
  • 100% Customizable

Key Modules

Air Freight

  • Shipment Order – Follow up, Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill
  • Pre-Alert, Qualify Shipments, Advance CAN, CAN/Invoice, Delivery Order

Sea Freight

  • Shipment Order, Shipment Order – Follow up, Master Air Way Bill/House Air Way Bill, Container Allocation
  • Pre-Alert, Qualify Shipments, House Container Detail, Advance CAN, CAN/Invoice, Delivery Order


  • Sales Invoice, Sales Reversal, Cost Invoice, Cost Reversal, Debit / Credit Note, Profit Share

Job Tracking

  • Job Tracking, Job Card

Volume Reports

  • Branch Wise Report, Sales Person Wise Report, Operations Efficiency, Carrier Details, Customer Wise Report, Project Branch Wise Report, Project Customer Wise Report, Sector Development Report, Customer Without Shipments, All India Customer Statistics

MIS Reports

  • Gross MIS Statistics, Customer Wise Report, Sales Person Report, Exception MIS Report, Top 20 Clients Summary, Inter Branch MIS Statistics

Customs Clearance

  • Regulatory Compliance, Classification, Tariff Listing, Auto Calculation of Duties and Taxes, Daily Status Reports (DSR