Sutures India, Pvt Ltd.


Following an extended period of consulting to AIFS, working closely with the internal team and gaining a deep understanding of their requirements, We were engaged for the design, development and migration of the main AIFS website and numerous sub-sites, onto the Wordpress platform.

Agile Labs provided Sutures India, Pvt Ltd with a Complete ERP solution to manage Business Process


Sutures India Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of all types of surgical sutures like Absorbable sutures, non- absorbable sutures, surgical tapes, surgical mesh, Silk sutures etc. They are based out of Bangalore, India and have their own manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Sutures are exported to over 50 countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.


Requirement was to have a system to manage their business process covering Finance, Purchase, Distributor management, Inventory, Payroll and Manufacturing.

Also the complete Order-to-cash process at the distributor site, in respective regions, needed to be managed by the system.


Complete Automation Required : For easier Management

With its global outreach, Sutures India Pvt. Ltd. had felt the importance and need for a comprehensive ERP solution for effectively managing their entire business processes, maintaining huge amounts of data and information and having a better control on Distributor Sales.

Sutures India Pvt. Ltd. have many distributors across the country who maintain the product stock at their locations. Distributors sell these products to the stockists in their respective regions. A system that managed the complete process at the distributor site and provided info for the day-to-day operations, to Area managers and the Sales Reps easily was an obvious need of the hour.


Effort : 40 man months (Agile Methodologies & Axpert)

Project Duration : 9 months

Onsite and Offshore : 50% Onsite and 50% Offshore.

Concurrent Users : 50+


Axpert RAD Platform


Axpert with standard process repositories was used for development and Implementation.

Complete process of Finance (covering General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation) , Procurement, Sales (including Distributor management) , Manufacturing and Payroll was provided to address all their existing pain points

Web based solution was provided to enable the Distributors for transacting with Axpert

Web based solution for Sales person (located across many cities in India) to track their performance against budget

Employee Portal – for the employees to view / edit their personnel information and to view notice board information.

  • Change management: The Internal IT team of Sutures is able to maintain the application and make the required changes as and when required and requested by business users. The technology provides complete flexibility and scalability.
  • Very low Hardware investments. Works on average configuration servers and machin es.
  • Simple to maintain and extend. The cost of maintenance is very low. And thus better ReturInvestment.