Dilmah Tea


Dilmah is Sri Lanka’s most recognised international tea brand. The company was founded in 1988 by Merrill J Fernando. The company was formerly known as Ceylon Tea Services PLC and changed its name to Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC in October 2016. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is headquartered in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka. Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC is a subsidiary of MJF Teas (Private) Limited.


Problem Statement:

Dilmah was looking for a tailor-made solution to meet its requirements which is quite unique considering the processes in place and the great values the company uphold. The organization was using Oracle apps and the struggled for two years with the implementation not fetching the expected result. Eventually Oracle ERP implementation at Dilmah failed and the organization was looking for system that is totally flexible and can be tailor made rather than a system that would demand process reengineering. Moreover, a system that can be developed incrementally would make sense for a dynamic organization like Dilmah rather than a over-engineered packaged solution. They were facing serious issues with Production Planning, Inventory Valuation, Reports Generation to name a few. Since their live ERP was a deep coded system, it had limited room for customization to the tune of Dilmah’s need.


Agile Labs Solution – Custom Developed ERP:

Agile Labs started the ERP implementation at Dilmah through its Sri Lankan Channel Partner Pentagon IT using Agile’s Axpert RAD Platform. The project started with a detailed process study and requirement gathering by Agile Labs consultants. Modules were built rapidly using on Axpert in a iterative way. At the end of each iteration, a conference room pilot was done and the customer is shown the developed modules and features. Feedback from the customer is added to the product backlog and included in the subsequent iteration. Axpert being a low code platform with rapid configuration console, provided flexibility to build modules based on the priority and changes could be made at any stage of development. This gave the customer absolute freedom to further fine-tune the solution and eventually attained the best possible custom developed ERP system for their needs.


S.No Modules Delivered
1 Export Sales
2 Customer Portal
3 QC
4 Local Sales
5 Purchase (Auction, Local, Import and General)
6 Supplier portal
7 Production (Blending, Flavoring, Packing)
8 Web Sales
9 Sample
10 Mass Changes
11 Export Shipment
12 Import Shipment
13 Finance (AR/AP/GL) and Reports
14 MJF CF Finance
15 Fixed Asset
16 Pricing
17 Plant Maintenance
18 MRP
19 Inventory and Costing


Key Advantages:

  • 100% Custom made ERP on Axpert low code platform
  • Ability to build new modules and make changes to existing modules on the fly without affecting business continuity
  • Integration with E commerce system and Preactor planning system.
  • Portals for Customers to place orders.
  • Portal for Suppliers and automated notification for the suppliers based on Materials Requirement Plan.
  • End to End digitalization of processes on a single platform with access for all stakeholders (Vendors/Supplies, Customers, Employees etc).
  • Custom developed reports.
  • Event based triggers and alerts.
  • Short duration of development and implementation – Project completed in 7 Months
  • Limited training required due to zero process re-engineering.