Beltexco, DR Congo


Geography became history

Axpert™ TradePlus made that possible

Beltexco i s an FMCG distribution giant of DR Congo, with operations spread across Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Matadi, Kisangani, Kananga, Mbujumayi, Tshikapa and Likashi

What Beltexco needed

  • Automation of FMCG distribution operations
  • Retail store operations
  • Connecting and synchronising geographically scattered business locations at the HQ level for management reporting and operational control
  • Need for dual reporting for different user groups, without repetitive data entry or data manipulation.

Implementation Challenges

  • Poor/non-existent internet connectivity with far-flung locations. Local installations need to be able to work in a disconnected mode and synchronize when connectivity became available
  • Low educational level of users, calling for very high usability of the solution
  • Shortage of technical experts for maintenance and troubleshooting, which meant the solution had to be very sturdy and reliable
  • Large number of SKUs with the associated risks of shrinkage and mishandling

The Solution

Agile developed a completely custom solution on its Axpert™ platform for Beltexco that mapped business processes as they were. This helped in training the end-users and adoption.

Any sort of confusion that normally accompanies such large-scale implementations was completely eliminated.

What Beltexco got

  • Automatic data Synchronization across all branches
  • Decentralized archtiecture with near real time data
  • Complete visibility of Goods movement (end-to-end shipment tracking)
  • Extensive costing determination module ( Shipment wise & Truck wise )
  • Multiple Books of Accounts
  • Ease of making process changes

The Bottomline

The Beltexco management realized at the right time that their information management needs could no longer be met by a plain vanilla accounting package.

By getting a robust and scalable system built on Agile Lab’s Axpert™ platform, Beltexco got itself ready for faster growth. They are now in a position to expand their reach across the country, without worrying if the information system would cope.

Beltexco is an excellent model for African businesses that want to leverage IT as a strategic management tool.