Case Study: State Insurance & Provident Fund.
Agile Labs provided E-Governance Solution to one of the State Governments of India



The requirement envisages the inter-connection of about 50 locations centralized at the “State Data Centre” maintained by the department of IT, for online operation and updating of data related to provident schemes, pension schemes, life insurance schemes and general insurance schemes, for one of the State Governments of India, ensuring that the “State Data Centre” is made available to more than 6 lakhs users and employees.


An online web-based portal application enabled with automatic workflow to cater to the requirements of all the business processes and activities at various levels of all the schemes and support functions of the government.

Capture/upload transaction entries and any data relating to each subscriber at the treasury level after performing necessary tests to ensure that the debit/credit relates to the concerned employee and upload it directly/automatically in the ledger and other records of the department eliminating manual entries completely. The solution is designed in such a way that it will in modular form to cater the needs of the future changes and requirements.

A complete security and administration module is provided to the employee and DDOs to enable the data relating to view their accounts and update information and a user may check the eligibility and request to apply for loans/withdrawals/settlements online based on roles and rights assigned.

Provide facility for processing PF accounts, insurance policies, contracts at the district offices to deliver services through Smart Card and ID’s.

Provide information relating to Act, Rules, Regulation, Manual, RTI, FAQ etc. from one location to another location offices based on a specific format prescribed by the department.

Transfer accounts related to subscriber and schemes between locations.

Generate various forms, applications, authority letters/cheques for various claims/payments as per the practice/provisions in the rules

Provide facility for receipt of online grievances, process/transfer them, generate reminders and to generate feed back to the concerned regarding redressal of the grievances/settlement of the claims etc.


  • Advantage of using Axpert: The project was executed in 90 man months with the help of Axpert and Agile methodology which has saved around 45% of the project effort distributed over various phases.
  • Saving on resources and man power.
Case Study: Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd.
Agile Labs made Automated Data Synchronization possible with the available limited Infrastructure.


Huge volume of Data to synchronize, limited bandwidth.
The core activities of the Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd.(KSBCL) are to procure liquor and spirit from manufacturers/suppliers and sell the same to wholesalers/licensees. Thus data consolidation from the 53+ branches at the HO was an important and required task. Also daily corporate MIS / DSS had to be generated. Thus a system to manage their business processes covering these tasks apart from Finance, Sales & Distribution, Purchasing & Inventory modules was the need of the hour.


  • Key challenge was to provide a system which is easy to use due to the non-availability of skilled operators & lack of tech skill at the branches.
  • No broadband connectivity at many of the branches, even the dial-up connections present were weak. Huge volume of data from all the branches had to be synchronized at the HO, with this infrastructure, on a daily basis. (1000+ transactions from each branch daily)
  • To deploy the complete solution in less than 3 months elapsed time.


  • PROFIT 5RM 6.2
  • P5 Sync Server/Client
  • Microsoft .Net Framework, ASP .Net, VB .Net, C#
  • Oracle 10g
  • Delphi
  • Microsoft Window
  • s Ser
  • ver 2008
  • Linux


Implemented the following modules

  • Financial Accounting
    • Apart from Depot updating the central server this module at HO is also been used for making regular financial accounting entries like – Payment / Journals / Contra / Debit – Credit Note etc …
  • Vendor Payment
    • Calculates – Brand wise , Supplier Wise , Item Wise Sales Quantity
    • Picks the Purchase Rate based on Sales Date and Calculates the Purchase value supplier wise
    • Adjustment towards excise duties and other recoveries
    • Generates suppliers / Bank Wise Advice for transfer of Funds
  • Demurrage Calculation
    • Calculates – Age of Stock more than 90 days
    • Applies Demurrage rate per case item wise , supplier wise where ever applicable
  • Pricing
    • Basic Declared Price – Excise + Additional Excise Duty is calculated
    • Margin is added and KSBCL Purchase and selling Price is derived
    • MRP of Retailer Per Bottle is Calculated
  • Purchase
    • Based on weekly payment module a detailed report of Purchase value is generated
    • Interface for entering Purchase Voucher
  • OFS / TON
    • 3rd party generates the Order for Supply [ OFS ] and provides it to our database which is converted into actual data and sent through synchronization to respective depot
    • TON Interface is provided between depots
    • On approval the document is populated to both Send / Receive depots.
  • Sales
    • Generation of Sales Indent after confirming the availability of Items
    • Checklist for Loading [Materials]
    • Generation of Invoice – After validating the availability of Funds in Party Accounts and calculation of TCS [Tax Collected at Source]
  • Inventory
    • This would be an outcome of materials inwards and outwards of the item.
    • Depot damages & Drained out stock
  • MIS
    • Based on the Orders electronically transferred to the respective depots from HO the material gets accepted after due verification and only good / accepted quantity is inventoried
  • Transfers
    • Based on transfer order note electronically transferred from HO the material is sent and received by the respective depots / branches
    • Inventory updates occurs at this point QUOTE FROM THE CUSTOMER
  • Petty Cash Payments
    • Expenses incurred is entered and is automatically financial impact is provided.
  • Receipts of Money
    • DD / Electronic Funds transfers is accounted


Online information available to stakeholder

Excise, retailers, manufacturers, and government Information highway opened to manufacturers

Basic & Consolidated view at HO of all depots

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Financial Accounting

Accurate & Online inventory information

Decision-support MIS on Supplies, stock movement and fund management

Issue OFS (order for supply) with digital signature over the web.


Total no. of invoice generated including all depots : 62,000 / Month

Avg no. of items in an invoice : 18

Total no. of items transacted : 11,66,000 / Month

Total no. of accounting transactions (line items) : 3,88,000 / Month

Total no. of depots which is being synchronized : 53 depots

Total no. of Retailers : 7822+

DB size : 127 GB+


Effort : 40 man months + Long term support contract
Project Duration : 3-4 months
Onsite and Offshore : 80% Onsite and 20% Offshore
Concurrent Users : 75+