Case Study: Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd.
Agile Labs made Automated Data Synchronization possible with the available limited Infrastructure.


Huge volume of Data to synchronize, limited bandwidth.
The core activities of the Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd.(KSBCL) are to procure liquor and spirit from manufacturers/suppliers and sell the same to wholesalers/licensees. Thus data consolidation from the 53+ branches at the HO was an important and required task. Also daily corporate MIS / DSS had to be generated. Thus a system to manage their business processes covering these tasks apart from Finance, Sales & Distribution, Purchasing & Inventory modules was the need of the hour.


  • Key challenge was to provide a system which is easy to use due to the non-availability of skilled operators & lack of tech skill at the branches.
  • No broadband connectivity at many of the branches, even the dial-up connections present were weak. Huge volume of data from all the branches had to be synchronized at the HO, with this infrastructure, on a daily basis. (1000+ transactions from each branch daily)
  • To deploy the complete solution in less than 3 months elapsed time.


  • Axpert RAD Platform


Implemented the following modules

  • Financial Accounting
    • Apart from Depot updating the central server this module at HO is also been used for making regular financial accounting entries like – Payment / Journals / Contra / Debit – Credit Note etc …
  • Vendor Payment
    • Calculates – Brand wise , Supplier Wise , Item Wise Sales Quantity
    • Picks the Purchase Rate based on Sales Date and Calculates the Purchase value supplier wise
    • Adjustment towards excise duties and other recoveries
    • Generates suppliers / Bank Wise Advice for transfer of Funds
  • Demurrage Calculation
    • Calculates – Age of Stock more than 90 days
    • Applies Demurrage rate per case item wise , supplier wise where ever applicable
  • Pricing
    • Basic Declared Price – Excise + Additional Excise Duty is calculated
    • Margin is added and KSBCL Purchase and selling Price is derived
    • MRP of Retailer Per Bottle is Calculated
  • Purchase
    • Based on weekly payment module a detailed report of Purchase value is generated
    • Interface for entering Purchase Voucher
  • OFS / TON
    • 3rd party generates the Order for Supply [ OFS ] and provides it to our database which is converted into actual data and sent through synchronization to respective depot
    • TON Interface is provided between depots
    • On approval the document is populated to both Send / Receive depots.
  • Sales
    • Generation of Sales Indent after confirming the availability of Items
    • Checklist for Loading [Materials]
    • Generation of Invoice – After validating the availability of Funds in Party Accounts and calculation of TCS [Tax Collected at Source]
  • Inventory
    • This would be an outcome of materials inwards and outwards of the item.
    • Depot damages & Drained out stock
  • MIS
    • Based on the Orders electronically transferred to the respective depots from HO the material gets accepted after due verification and only good / accepted quantity is inventoried
  • Transfers
    • Based on transfer order note electronically transferred from HO the material is sent and received by the respective depots / branches
    • Inventory updates occurs at this point QUOTE FROM THE CUSTOMER
  • Petty Cash Payments
    • Expenses incurred is entered and is automatically financial impact is provided.
  • Receipts of Money
    • DD / Electronic Funds transfers is accounted


Online information available to stakeholder

Excise, retailers, manufacturers, and government Information highway opened to manufacturers

Basic & Consolidated view at HO of all depots

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Financial Accounting

Accurate & Online inventory information

Decision-support MIS on Supplies, stock movement and fund management

Issue OFS (order for supply) with digital signature over the web.


Total no. of invoice generated including all depots : 62,000 / Month

Avg no. of items in an invoice : 18

Total no. of items transacted : 11,66,000 / Month

Total no. of accounting transactions (line items) : 3,88,000 / Month

Total no. of depots which is being synchronized : 53 depots

Total no. of Retailers : 7822+

DB size : 127 GB+


Effort : 40 man months + Long term support contract
Project Duration : 3-4 months
Onsite and Offshore : 80% Onsite and 20% Offshore
Concurrent Users : 75+

Case Study: Ease of Doing Business in the state of West Bengal

The Government of West Bengal is desirous of creating a business-friendly environment in its state. This pursuit will be started by providing a seamless IT platform that will enable single window clearance for starting business anywhere in the state.

The Government of West Bengal selectedAxpert™ Rapid Application Development Platform from Agile Labsfor creating a revamped Online Single Window Portal (OSWP) for improving the Ease of Doing Business in the State.

Investors and businesses needs multiple approvals from multiple departments for starting or operating a business. The online single window provides the following functionalities:

  1. Single dynamic composite application form (CAF) for multiple services allowing an investor or a business to fill up one form for multiple clearances and approvals;
  2.  Single Online Payment for multiple services through an integrated payment gateway with all modes of payment viz., debit card/ credit card/ net banking enabled;
  3. Breaking the Composite Application Forms electronically into individual forms and sending the forms to the backend systems of various Departments electronically along with the corresponding proof of payment;
  4. Online tracking of status of applications while they are being processed by various Departments;
  5. Online communication of approval; and
  6. Downloading of approvals/ NoCs/ permits/ clearances etc. online.

The Online Single Window Portal (OSWP) is intended to provide a Common Application Form (CAF) to the investor. Investors can sign up into this portal and are verified using an OTP that is sent to their email and mobile. Every investor is uniquely identified through their email address and a password. All user information is encrypted and stored in the database. Each application form that is required to get approval of services provided by departments will be created as forms within the portal. Subsequent processing for approvals will happen within applications in that department. Periodic status updates will be provided by the respective applications to the online singe window portal (OSWP). The portal will in turn provide the status updates to the investor through emails and SMS.


Integration requires the creation of a seamless flow of data from the OSWP to a Department and from a Department to the OSWP. The traditional method of writing a bunch of web services on the OSWP side (to be consumed by the Department’s systems) and on the Department’s side (to be consumed by the OSWP system) can always be done but is not recommended under the circumstances where stringent timelines have been prescribed. The reasons for this are twofold: firstly, writing web services correctly in a short time requires a certain level of skills for developers and vendors which may not be available with SIs/ IT vendors of all Departments and secondly, integration testing of web services typically requires a lot of time because of the time taken in designing and developing the exception handling process. That is why integration through the traditional method of writing web services typically requires 9 to 12 months. Integration is, therefore, proposed through the use of Axpert Date Exchange (ADE) and Axpert Data Router (ADR) which would achieve integration at the data layer without web services.

Axpert™ is a low coding RAD platform on which enterprise grade applications can be developed in 50% of the time, effort and skill required to build an app using traditional programming languages. Apps are developed on Axpert™ by only defining the data structures, work flow and business rules on the fly using a simple and intuitive Axpert IDE. These is no need to write code in business or presentation layer.

The security standards that are followed for any distributed RDBMS based applications can be applied on Axpert™ applications to ensure maximum security of data. A robust access control layer that comes along with Axpert ensure maximum safety of data. This gives complete control to the app administrator to restrict access of data for relevant user groups.

Axpert™ provides the capability:

  • To create services for citizens along with the backend work flow within a very short time. A service could be made online within a couple of weeks.
  • To aggregate the forms dynamically and create one single common access form based on user selection. This can be achieved only if the apps are defined on full meta data driven model.
  • To integrate with apps that do not have web services capability at a data layer.
  • To integrate with apps that offer web services at the service layer.
  • Create wizard kind of facilities.

The architecture conforms to the CERT-IN security recommendations to ensure data security and access control. This proposed architecture based on Axpert rules out any danger fromcross site scripting, SQL injection, identity theft, network eavesdropping& unauthorized access.

Case Study: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL)
Axpert™ puts BMRCL on tracks of efficiency

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), a joint venture of Government of India and Government of Karnataka is a Special Purpose Vehicle entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of Bangalore Metro Rail Project. Expected to cover more than 100 kilometers of track over the next few years, BMRCL is anticipated to go a long way in helping decongest this fast-growing city, the hub of India’s multi-billion-dollar IT business.

BMRCL required a completely customized application that could be built incrementally, altered quickly and integrate new processes with ease. For a greenfield project of this scope, there were several challenges that had to be overcome since managing the build-up and live services on commissioned lines at the same time can be very tricky. BMRCL searched far and wide for viable and affordable software to manage its complete backend processes. Metro railway is a relatively new phenomenon in India, with only a couple of completed ones to talk of. There were not many successful implementations of IT in Indian metro railways. BMRCL carried out a dispassionate scrutiny of the scene before deciding to go with Axpert™.

The Axpert ERP for BMRCL was built incrementally to allow managers and end-users sufficient time to test the systems and generate feedback for improvements. In this manner, the system got better with every addition of functionality. End-users opened their eyes to the amazing possibilities that Axpert™ offered them to discover hidden processes and fine-tune processes, with seemingly no limit. They could flag issues and experiment with new processes without ever worrying if the software could cope. This has helped in making a success of ERP deployment in a government-like setting, with ordinary skill level of end-users and virtually no IT department of its own.

The Axpert™ Advantage for BMRCL

  • Axpert™ gave BMRCL the freedom to have its own unique processes, in tune with the skills available with the team and local work preferences
  • BMRCLcould save money compared to any packaged software alternative, which would need expensive customization. Coding platforms would not have given it the kind of agility and flexibility that Axpert™ offered
  • Axpert™ gave BMRCL the option to extend the ERP horizontally, with new features & functionality, or vertically, with deeper features
  • BMRCL could choose to build only as much as it wanted, when it wanted – instead of starting with a heavy application with a number of unwanted features. Users got exactly what they wanted.

The ERP integrates the operations of BMRCL across several functional areas:

  • Fleet Operations
  • Station Management
  • Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Property Development
  • Assets
  • Finance Management

Solution Delivered

  • Custom-developed ERP on Axpert™
  • Web-based and fully integrated
Case Study: Chief Minister’s Information System (CMIS)
Chief Minister information system for Government of Rajasthan

The Chief Minister’s Information System (CMIS), developed by Agile Labs Pvt Ltd on the patented platform Axpert, is an integrated web based portal to effectively manage & monitor overall progress of all major projects / announcements / directions within the State of Rajasthan. The portal provides single-sign-on access to all the application modules to all concerned users of the system. It enables the recording of key issues and concerns and thus assists the top functionaries within the government to take necessary action at the earliest.

Key Features of CMIS
Web enabled application accessible for users “anytime, anywhere”.

  • Easy to use interface for data entry, update and monitoring of development activities.
  • Designed to facilitate quick exchange of information among departments, district administration and CM’s office.
  • Support for Hindi or any other language.
  • Dashboard that provides information at a glance.
  • SMS & Email integration for automatic notifications.

The Chief Minister’s Information system encompasses a multitude of activities related to day to day administration. Some of the major modules are listed below:

  • LMS (Letter monitoring system)
  • DIS (District information system)
  • CM Announcements
  • Budget Announcements
  • Review meetings & CM meetings
  • Suraj Sankalp Manifesto
  • Action plan 60 days
  • Meetings/Birthday Reminders
  • Important monthly achievement
  • Information on Govt. Nomination in Other Institutions
  • Digital Library
  • Interface with GIS
  • Advance project monitoring system
  • CM Dashboard
  • Mobile Interface for CMIS including customized Mobile Apps development (Android / iOS / Windows platform)
  • Integration with Single Sign on Portal)