Axpert™ Architecture

Software development using Axpert requires database professionals and domain experts. There is no need for writing code in business layer and presentation layer. The Axpert web pages and the web services in Axpert service bus are provided as part of Axpert platform. To develop an application on Axpert the transaction structures are defined using Axpert IDE. Axpert is not a code generator. It does not create web services for each structure. The Axpert service bus (web services) and web pages remain common across transaction structures and applications. The Axpert web pages are dot net pages and the Axpert web services can be deployed on IIS.
  • Pre-built Modern UI Templates
  • Web services driven architecture helps apps exchange Data.
  • Each layer is isolated and are not dependent.
  • Multi Tenant database Architecture.
  • Apps run on separate instance.
  • Metadata Driven
  • App is highly customizable

Axpert is a disruptive platform

Axpert is a disruptive platform that can be used for custom software, ERP, Work flow systems, Portals, Distribution software, E-District, EForms and the likes. It lets users develop software applications by only defining the data structures and specifying business rules. There is no need to write code in the business layer or presentation layer using dot net, php or java. This reduces complex development cycle and simplifies the complete SDLC cycle. A complex application can be developed using Axpert at 50% of time, effort and skill compared to traditional software development.

Axpert comes with native Cloud Capabilities

Axpert is a software platform that is hosted on a cloud infrastructure can be shared by many customers there by bringing down cost of development and maintenance. In many cases, these platforms may also be needed to be deployed in private clouds to address security concerns.