Enhance and Explore with Axpert TM

AxpertTM is a one of a kind digital platform on which you could build your own application for an entire business outfit or you can design customized applications as an auxiliary to your existing ERP to enhance its core functional capabilities or solve a problem. You can extend your ERP using Axpert to your supply chain or create employee portals, vendor portals, customer portals within a few weeks.

Only SQL and nothing else:

You need just SQL skills to develop any application on Axpert. It’s a low coding platform and thus you will not have to endure the pain of writing lengthy codes. It’s refined and developer friendly.

How robust is Axpert?

14 Years of innovation, 350+ Clients, 20000 Users and presence in 3 continents. Axpert has stood the test of time and it’s a proven technology. An FMCG giant in Africa to a Defence Force in Middle East to a multimillion dollar Metro Rail in India runs on solutions built on Axpert Platform. Numerous mission critical applications run on AxpertTM across the globe.

  • Patented – US Patent #8539460 RAD platform.
  • No deep coding – Reduces development time and effort by 50%
  • Unique – Comes with on the fly definition of forms, reports, work flows and widgets
  • Proven – Used by 20,000 users in 350+ Customers across 10 countries. Many are mission critical and large apps.
  • Go cloud – One click to deploy on cloud
  • Manage change – Change your software in few days when business needs change.
  • Build to fit –Implement your process as is. No need to change your process for software using the change management console.
  • Connect – Build new apps and connect with your current apps.

Does it work with SAP?

It does integrate seamlessly with SAP.

Explore and Enhance with Axpert, irrespective of the industry you are in.

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Defence
  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Construction


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