The pedigree of AxpertTM

Solutions built on Axpert TM platform has been successfully deployed at various government establishments in India and abroad. The Bangalore Metro, Karnataka State Beverages Corporation, Chief Minister’s Office Management system, Revenue Court Management System, project for a Defence Force etc. are some of the testimonials for the highly flexible architecture and robustness of Axpert Platform.

Data Centralization and Synchronization

It is possible to have the data of an entire ministry or department in one central database. This unleashes the potential of digitalization, enhances ease of dealing for the public and reduces the paper work. Additionally, it protects against the risks of scattering data across various applications, databases, documents etc.

Far-flung locations can work independent of the central server, but can sync up with it at pre-defined time intervals. Data updates can be one-way or two-way, depending on the need. The ADE/ADR Sync suite in AxpertTM helps government establishments to function even in remote areas without worrying about low-bandwidth or not having dedicated internet connections – a significant constraint in several developing and under developed countries.

Integration with other applications

AxpertTM can be integrated with any other live application without any hassles. A customized solution can also be designed easily to augment an existing system and fill in the gaps.

Fully Integrated Analytical Reporting

AxpertTM offers extensive built-in reporting capability. All transaction list reports are automatically rendered by the platform, without any user intervention and are accessible from the toolbar. Custom tabular reports can be designed using IViews, a standard component of AxpertTM.


Flexibility and Future Readiness

Applications built on Axpert can be customized to any degree, whenever requirement arises, offering unmatched flexibility. This unique feature makes Axpert the best fit solution platform for government projects. We have developed core competencies in the government sector and have professionals specifically focused on developing tailored services and solutions to address the needs of the government.


Key Government projects on AxpertTM
  • Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL)
  • Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd (KSBCL)
  • State Insurance and Provident Fund Department (SIPF) – Rajasthan
  • Chief Minister’s Information System (CMIS) with Dash board and Project Monitoring System for state water resource department, Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Government Employees’ Transfer Management System
  • Integration of Public Health Care Establishments – Goa
  • Revenue Court Management System, Rajasthan
  • Human Resources Management & Loan management, Goa
  • State Skill Development Project, Rajasthan
  • Chief Minister Information System for Government of Rajasthan
  • ERP for Bahrain chamber of commerce and industry
  • Nuwab Parliament affairs management system – Bahrain
Axpert for Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL)

The Agile Labs’ Solution is solid, secure, robust and reliable. It is amenable to integration with other software systems. Their ability and willingness to integrate systems developed by other developers confirms the versatile

nature of their system and profusely speaks volumes about their confidence in their technology

N Sivasailam, IAS. Managing Director, BMRCL. Bangalore

Agile Labs successfully developed and deployed an integrated software solution for Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation on Axpert Platform. During the run-up to choosing the right solution, BMRCL applied rigorous standards of selection since it was placing its bets for a long span of time. They put AxpertTM through a stringent security assessment and AxpertTM came through with flying colours in all tests….


Axpert Solution for BMRCL in a nutshell

Contract Management

Contracts are maintained in the system, including digital copies of documents. Advance payments, stage-billing and settlements are driven by contract terms, with no need for manual verification. Multi-currency support and Contract/Supplier-specific workflows were needed. Various back guarantees related to contracts were to be recorded and tracked. Accounting was to be automated. Several service contracts and rate contracts need to be administered.

Revenue Management

Third-party ticketing system data was to be synchronized with the ERP, with automated
update of books. Cash deposits from counters were to be recorded and tallied. Gate token
stocks, sales and scrapping (defectives) were to be managed by the ERP. Support for online top-up of smartcard tickets was needed

Property Management

Automated invoicing, ability to edit invoices and charging of interests and penalties

Purchases & Inventory Management
Management of DLP stocks, tools & consumables; Procurement of equipment

The AxpertTM Advantage for BMRCL
  • AxpertTM gave BMRCL the freedom to have its own unique processes, in tune with the skills available with the team and local work preferences.
  • BMRCL saved a lot of money compared to any packaged software alternative, which would need expensive customisation. Coding platforms would not have given it the kind of agility and flexibility that AxpertTM offered.
  • AxpertTM gave BMRCL the option to extend the ERP horizontally, with new features & functionality, or vertically, with deeper features.
  • BMRCL could choose to build only as much as it wanted, when it wanted – instead of starting with a heavy application with a number of unwanted features. Users got exactly what they wanted.
Karnataka State Beverages Corp. (KSBCL) runs on AxpertTM

 AxpertTM helps the state boost excise revenues

Karnataka State Beverages Corp. is a state government undertaking that controls distribution of alcoholic beverages across the state. Excise duty collections form the second largest chunk of the state’s revenues. Even slight improvements in the efficiency of KSBCL’s operations can make a big impact on the state’s finances. KSBCL has 56 branch offices across this large state and 36 on-site depots at the distilleries of primary suppliers. The branch offices make sales and deliveries to retail

shops, running into a few thousands. There is very no room for error or malfunction, as the system is the main commercial transactions platform for KSBCL….


One of the key objectives of the AxpertTM ERP decision was to integrate all operations into a single system, with limited manual processes. Further, KSBCL wanted to enforce business rules and eliminate room for deviations. Both of these goals were achieved brilliantly with the AxpertTM solution.The key to the success of the implementation was the Axpert SmartClient, which simplified synchronisation of data from offline locations. The SmartClient, now known as ADE/ADR, works in the data packet mode with the help of FTP. It generated source data packets and despatches them at scheduled intervals. The listener on the server picks up the packets, reads the signatures, scans for data loss and the starts the update process. All business rules are applied while updating, ensuring 100% data integrity in the system. ADE/ADR has in-built capabilities to prevent data duplication and also to handle failed transfers.

The AxpertTM Advantage for KSBCL
  • Successfully integrated geographically spread operations on a centralised platform
  • Overcame connectivity constraints – low bandwidth and slow connections
  • Extended the system out to suppliers and customers (Retailers), ensured transparency and speed of business responses
  • Became a completely process-driven entity with predictable outcomes
  • Immediate access to data from across the network and thus, faster decisions
  • Equipped itself for a rapid growth in business volume
Chief Minister information system for Government of Rajasthan

 The Chief Minister’s Information System (CMIS), developed by Agile Labs Pvt Ltd on the patented platform Axpert, is an integrated web based portal to effectively manage & monitor overall progress of all major projects / announcements / directions within the State of Rajasthan. The portal provides single-sign-on access to all the application modules to all concerned users of the system. It enables the recording of key issues and concerns and thus assists the top functionaries within the government to take necessary action at the earliest.


Key Features of CMIS

Web enabled application accessible for users “anytime, anywhere”.

  • Easy to use interface for data entry, update and monitoring of development activities.
  • Designed to facilitate quick exchange of information among departments, district administration and CM’s office.
  • Support for Hindi or any other language.
  • Dashboard that provides information at a glance.
  • SMS & Email integration for automatic notifications.

The Chief Minister’s Information system encompasses a multitude of activities related to day to day administration. Some of the major modules are listed below:

  • LMS (Letter monitoring system)
  • DIS (District information system)
  • CM Announcements
  • Budget Announcements
  • Review meetings & CM meetings
  • Suraj Sankalp Manifesto
  • Action plan 60 days
  • Meetings/Birthday Reminders
  • Important monthly achievement
  • Information on Govt. Nomination in Other Institutions
  • Digital Library
  • Interface with GIS
  • Advance project monitoring system
  • CM Dashboard
  • Mobile Interface for CMIS including customized Mobile Apps development (Android / iOS / Windows platform).
  • Integration with Single Sign on Portal)