Agile Labs is a unique technology company from India, with its own unique and patented technology platform Axpert. It is one of the few IT firms from India to have stuck to a core product strategy, without getting distracted by growth and expansion pressures. Agile has seen the ups and downs in the marketplace, where technologies come and go, and has won the trust of discerning customers in India and abroad. It has successfully broken the ‘Made in India’ barrier to acceptance across the geographies, even in the sophisticated markets of US and Canada.

Agile Labs has a Research & Development team based out of Bangalore, India. This team is involved in enhancing the platform, in line with the product’s road-map and also based on market demands. Our Services Delivery team, also based out of Bangalore, takes care of pre-sales support and delivery of customer projects in India and abroad. The team has successfully delivered prestigious projects in India, China, Bhutan, Srilanka, Africa, Middle East and North America.

We work with a number of Solution Partners, who are fully equipped to service customers.Partners of Agile Labs have been successful at winning projects in tough competition with big-brand packages from multinationals in discerning markets like Middle East and Canada. Agile will continue to develop and strengthen its partner network as a means to spread the reach of Axpert™ in new geographies.

We are open to discuss OEM and whitelabel licensing proposals from businesses and IT services firms looking for good returns on investments and gaining competitive advantage.